Samsung updates on AMOLED displays

Samsung (or actually Lee Woo-Jong, SMD's marketing VP) is giving us some interesting updates on their AMOLED displays and production plants. So first of all, they expect the new 5.5-Gen plant to start mass producing in July 2011. The new plant will increase Samsung's AMOLED capacity ten-fold: from 3 million displays a month to 30 million (assuming all displays made in the new plant will be around 3").

Samsung also says that they now expect AMOLED screens shipments to reach 700 million by 2015 (in May, they said it'll be 600).

Samsung also said that any maker can use Super-AMOLED displays - they're not exclusive to Samsung Electronics, as reported before. In fact, Samsung claims that even the Galaxy S does not get priority over other customers and it was also effected by the shortage in displays. Samsung couldn't even provide Galaxy S phones to their own employees. This is somewhat strange as we know that Samsung managed to ship over a million Galaxy S phones in only 45 days, while HTC had major supply issues...

Posted: Sep 07,2010 by Ron Mertens