Samsung sues LG Display over OLED technology leak

Samsung Display filed a lawsuit against LG Display over OLED technology tech leak. Samsung Display claims that LG Display stole 18 confidential technologies relating to OLED displays, demanding a billion won (almost $900,000) for each technology. Samsung also said that LG Display gave some information to a third party.

In July we reported that 11 former and current Samsung employees were charged of giving LG Display confidential OLED technology, and this is Samsung's reaction in court. Actually, it seems strange that Samsung is only seeking about $17 million dollar in damages - this seems to be a very small amount when you consider that the OLED display market is now estimated to be about $6 billion, and is set to grow to about $44 billion by 2019.

Yesterday it was reported that two Samsung OLED TVs were 'lost' during the shipment to the IFA exhibition, and this may be another case of industry espionage. In May 2012 the Korean police started to investigate another case of OLED technology leakage - this time by Israeli company Orbotech's local Korean branch. Six Orbotech employees are suspected of leaking AMOLED (and WRGB, or WOLED) technology from both LG Display and Samsung to several Chinese and Taiwanese companies.

Posted: Sep 06,2012 by Ron Mertens