In 2017 Samsung Display started to build its largest OLED production fab, the A5 fab in Asan. The fab was supposed to have a monthly capacity of 180,000 to 270,000 monthly substrates (Samsung's A3 line has a monthly capacity of 135,000 substrates).

Following lower demand for OLED panels and increased competition from China, Samsung stopped constructing the A5 fab, but a new report from Korea now suggests that Samsung is now starting to construct the A5 fab as demand for OLED displays is picking up.

Samsung reportedly placed orders for 30 tower cranes (some of which are already on site) - which will be used to construct 3 or 4 buildings. According to the report Samsung aims to complete building the new buildings by the end of 2020. Of course installing the equipment and ramping up production will take longer. The A3 plant equipment, for example, was only installed 2 years after the buildings were completed.

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