Samsung announced that it has sold over 200 million Galaxy S smartphones - including the GS1, GS2, GS3 and GS4. It probably also includes all the variants (such as the GS4 zoom and the GS4 mini). Virtually all of those phones use Super AMOLED displays.

In January 2013, Samsung said it sold 100 million Galaxy S devices. This means that it took them a little over a year to sell 100 million more. In 2013, by the way, the company produced over 200 million AMOLED panels. This means that the company's most popular phones actually account to less then 50% of SDC's OLED production. The rest are mostly used in other Samsung phones (like the Galaxy Notes family), phones for other companies (such as Nokia and Motorola) and digital cameras. Of course it's likely that inventory buffers also account for several of those million OLED panels...

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