CNet reports that Samsung Display officials have confirmed that the company will unveil a 5.5" 1,280x720 (267 ppi) plastic-based flexible OLED display at CES 2013 (January 8). The screens on show will be curved, but apparently they will not (yet) roll up. SD still has to develop the touch panel and final encapsulation, according to CNet.

It's not clear yet how close Samsung are to actually commercializing such technology. Originally Samsung planned to release the first plastic-based OLEDs in 2012, but this was pushed back to 2013. I'm not entirely sure Samsung will actually be able to mass produce such displays in 2013.

In past years Samsung unveiled some impressive flexible OLED prototype panels at different shows, from small curved panels to beautiful rollable and flexible ones. The photo and video above are old panels, we'll have to wait till next month to actually see Samsung's latest prototype.

Samsung Display will also show off 55" OLED TVs. These might be updated TV models. This is good news actually. Even though these TVs have been shown since CES 2012, launch dates were delayed repeatedly, at least it means that Samsung still focuses on OLED TVs. Some reports suggest that the korean company decided to focus on UHD LCDs for now and start producing OLED TVs only in 2014.

Samsung is also said to unveil a 5" Full-HD (441 PPI) AMOLED panel at CES. This one will probably be the first to be mass produced, as reports suggest that Samsung plans to use it in their next flagship phone (which will probably be called the Galaxy S4).

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