Samsung LogoSamsung Mobile Display will show three new OLED displays today:

  • 14" qFHD (960x540) 3D AMOLED prototype. This display has a contrast of 100,000:1, color gamut of over 100% NTSC and is only 1.6mm. OLEDs are great as 3D Displays - the image switching is very fast, and there's no optical crosstalk between the two 3D images, according to Samsung.
  • 14" qFHD (960x540) transparent OLED prototype. The transparency is 40% when the display is off. Samsung say that this display will "soon be used to display actual transparent products" in Note PCs (although it's not clear why you'd want a transparent display for your laptop).
  • 2" OLED operated by RF power (for ID cards and passports). It seems to be the same display shown in June.
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