According to our (unverified) source, Samsung is set to acquire quantum dots developer QDVision for $70 million. Samsung is accelerating its quantum dot technology development, and according to some reports aims to produce QLED TVs by 2019.

It seems a rather low price for QD Vision - our source says that the company is low on cash, although QDV did raise $22 million exactly a year ago. QDVision also announced a new joint-development agreement with BASF for a QD-enhanced backlight and color filter for LCD displays.

For more information on QDVision's technology, hop over to the company's presentation on the OLED Auditorium.



Ron, can you comment, whether

Ron, can you comment, whether this is official now? In case so, can you past the link to the press release?

In the last week several sites have cited corporate sources (also by name), but none of the companies has made an official announcement, yet.

Thank you!

I read the other posts... but

I read the other posts... but as far as I know this is not official yet.

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