What Hi-Fi has spoken to Samsung's VP of Flat-Panel development, who says LCDs will 'hold off OLEDs for many years'.  HS Kim says that OLEDs are pricier, and people will not pay more for such TVs. Also LCDs are advancing quickly in areas such as power consumption, so this isn't good news for OLED either.

On the plus side, HS Kim says Samsung can already make 50" OLED TVs, and may show them at CES.

This comes only a few days after Samsung said we'll see OLED laptops in 2010 and that OLEDs are going to be 'mainstream' soon.

Out take? First of all Samsung is a big company with many units, so it's fair that not everyone thinks the same. Samsung is commited to Mobile OLEDs - for phones, PDAs and laptops. These panels are smaller (up to 15" for laptops), and the power efficiency is important for mobile devices. However in the TV market, things are more difficult...

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