Samsung to reveal some exciting new tech at CES 2013?

CES 2013 is coming soon (January 8-11), and Samsung is set to release some exciting new technology. Today they released this teaser video, which doesn't really say anything:

Some expect Samsung to unveil the Galaxy S4 phone during CES, but it's not probably as it's quite early (they usually announce their flagship phones in March or May). They may unveil the new display used in this phone - perhaps the rumored 5" Full-HD AMOLED panel. Some say that Samsung will unveil a flexible panel, but I think it's quite unlikely.

Another possibility, and the most likely one is that Samsung will show (again) their upcoming 55" OLED TVs - perhaps with a real launch date and price. Or perhaps a newer version of the OLED TV with some new features? We only have a month to wait...

Posted: Dec 10,2012 by Ron Mertens


In the past it seems that whenever the teaser videos get really mysterious, the actual product presentation becomes more and more mundane. So I would agree with you that they will most likely present an updated OLED TV or something like that.

If they really had some big surprise up their sleeve, like the first flexible OLED product, they wouldn't need to come out with such a video...