Samsung posted their quarterly results for Q3 2013 - a record operation profit of $9.6 billion from sales of $55 billion. Net profit was over $7.7 billion. Smartphone sales growth is slowing, but Samsung's business was booster but memory chip profits and cheaper smartphone sales (what they call mass-market products).

Regarding OLEDs, the company says that high end smartphone OLED panel sales increased. This includes newer products such as the Note 3. For Q4 2013, the company plans to enhance OLED market leadership by "improving differentiated product offerings such as 5.7” FHD (Glass & Curved)".

Actually this last remark is interesting. If I read it correctly, it seems to verify that the curved 5.7" panel is not based on a glass substrate. Yesterday I posted an article regarding this issue exactly - it seems that nobody actually knows whether this curved "flexible" display is based on a plastic or glass substrate. In other words, is this a real shatterproof bendable OLED or simply a curved glass based OLED?