According to reports, Samsung placed orders for 30 million touch sensors from CPT and other suppliers. These touch sensors will be used in 4" AMOLED displays in mobile phones.

Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung Electronics is enjoying great sales of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S2 phones. In fact the S2 just crossed the 5 million units mark, and is Samsung's fastest selling phone to date.

In May 2011 Samsung announced that their new 5.5-Gen fab is online. This new fab is now making 24,000 substrates a month. The next stage (line 2) is scheduled for the end of 2011 (and will double the capacity to 48,000 monthly substrates). The third line is planned for the first half of 2012, and this will bring monthly capacity to 100,000 substrates (which will increase Samsung's OLED capacity tenfold) .Total investment for this new fab is around $2.2 billion.