In January 2016 Samsung confirmed it is developing OLED TV panels, and a report from Korea stated that the company is discussing a large investment (around $3 billion US) into a new OLED TV panel fab.

Only last month did Samsung comment that OLED TV technology is not ready yet, and today we hear a new report from Korea that claims that SDC decided to make a substantial investment towards OLED TV production.

Samsung is conducting final testing on a Gen-8 OLED production process, and will start constructing a new Gen-8 (2200x2500 mm) fab in Tangjeong (South Chungcheong province) in Q3 2016. Initial investment is indeed estimated at $2-3 billion.

The report makes no claims regarding to a production time frame, but earlier reports suggested that Samsung will launch its first OLED TVs at 2017 at the earliest, but no later than 2018. Merck estimates that Samsung will indeed return to the OLED TV market, and will do so by 2017.

Samsung released their first OLED TV, the KN55S9C, back in June 2013. The TV was available worldwide for a short time for around $10,000, and then dropped to around $6,000 (and even lower) - but Samsung soon stopped production and never released another TV. In 2014 Samsung officials repeatedly said that Samsung will not resume OLED TV production until 2016 or 2017.