Samsung reported their financial results for Q1 2015 - the company's six consecutive quarterly decline in earnings, due to slowdown in its smartphone business. Samsung says it sees a pickup in its smartphone sales. Samsung Display actually saw a 12% increase in sales - mostly due to increased OLED and premium TV panel shipments.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge closeup photo (OLED-Info)

Samsung's OLED shipment increase was apparently mostly to "new premium products" - which probably means the well-received GS6 and GS6 Edge.

Looking ahead to Q2, Samsung's OLED focus will be on shipment expansion through new products and customers - but they expect profits to be lower due to increased costs associated with the A3 production line ramp up. For the whole of 2015, Samsung expects higher profitability in its OLED business and increased shipments. Specifically Samsung sees increased flexible OLED shipments - which are seen as SDC's mid to long-term growth engines.

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