Yesterday Samsung announced their 2nd flexible OLED device, the Gear Fit smart fitness band. The display is a curved flexible OLED - 1.84", 432x128 Super AMOLED. This seems to be the most advanced display on a fitness band, as most others opt for PMOLED panels.

Samsung Gear Fit

The Gear Fit includes four fitness monitors (pedometer, exercise, heart rate, and sleep) enabled by three sensors (accelerometer, gyro and hear rate) and can also show mobile phone notifications (messages, e-mails, calls, etc.). Personally this seems to be a much more attractive device than Samsung's own Gear smart watches. It's great to see Samsung adopting flexible OLEDs in more devices, that actually benefit from a thin, light and curved display.

The Gear Fit will be launched globally from April 2014. We do not know the price yet.

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