Reuters reports that Samsung Electronics is set to to invest a recored 33 trillion won (almost $30 billion) in factories and R&D in 2012 (a 27% increase over 2011). The company will increase spending on its system LSI business and OLED displays. In fact the report suggests that OLED investment in 2012 will reach 7 trillion won ($6.25 billion US). Samsung will halve its LCD investment to only 2 trillion won. Samsung didn't comment on this report...

OLED production at SMD photo



Your math is wrong. If 33 trillion won equals 40 billion dollars, then 7 trillion won would be more than 6 billion dollars.

You're right of course - my

You're right of course - my mistake. 33 trillion Won equals almost 30 billion US dollars, not 40. I fixed my post. Thanks!

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