On Octbober 9th, Samsung launched the world's first device with a flexible OLED display, the Galaxy Round smartphone, with it's curved 5.7" Full-HD flexible Super AMOLED. Today SamMobile reports that Samsung has no plans to release this phone outside of Korea. The company regards it as a "prototype" device and they will only produce limited quantities.

This makes sense because Samsung's flexible OLED capacity is limited. Samsung Display is producing those OLEDs at their 5.5-Gen line, and the monthly capacity is about 8,000 sheets. But it's likely that Samsung also uses this line for R&D work. Combine this with probably not very high yields, and you'll find that the real production capacity is probably quite low. It's also likely that those flexible OLEDs are very expensive currently - the Galaxy Round costs 1,090,000 Won (a little over $1,000) in Korea, it's very expensive.

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