Samsung announced its financial results for Q1 2016 with profit rising 12% (from Q1 2015) to reach 6.68 trillion won (about $3.4 billion USD). The good results (highest profits since Q2 2014) were mostly because of the early and successful launch of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge.

Samsung GS7 and GS7 Edge at MWC photo

Samsung Display saw its OLED earnings improve - driven by the launch of new high-end products (SDC probably mean its flexible OLEDs) and increase shipments. Samsung says that its OLED shipments "increased by mid-single% QoQ".

Samsung aims to keep expanding its customer base for OLED displays and increase production (of mostly high-end OLEDs) as demand is rising - due to growth of OLED adoption in mid-end and low-end smartphones. The LCD market will continue to be over supplied. Samsung's optimism may also be based on its rumored deal to supply AMOLED displays to Apple starting in 2017.



Bezelless OLED

Can an OLED display be bezelless?

because I have never seen a bezelless OLED display, all the phones with bezelless display use lcd panel.

Yes, OLEDs can be bezel-less

Yes, OLEDs can be bezel-less just like LCDs... and in fact those edge OLEDs are much more than simple bezel-less...

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