Samsung to finally launch their direct-emission OLED TV in June?

Digitimes reports that Samsung Electronics plans to launch their direct-emission 55" Full-HD OLED TV (the F9500) in Korea next month (June 2013). SDC still struggles with low yields, but they do plan to finally launch the TV in limited volume.

According to earlier reports, Samsung's OLED TV will cost about $18,000. That's a lot higher then LG's OLED, which costs $10,000 in Korea and $15,000 in the UK and in Israel (it will cost around $12,000 in the US, when it finally launches there).

A couple of months ago it was reported that Samsung is actually considering to adopt LG's WRGB structure in order to increase production yields and lower the cost. LG and Samsung are in talks to end their OLED IP disputes and are indeed considering cross-licensing relevant patents. But if the current report is true, than it seems that SDC decided to stay with direct emission after all.

Posted: May 07,2013 by Ron Mertens