According to the Korea Times, a Samsung executive (mobile VP Lee Young-hee) confirmed that the company will launch two new products on September 4 - the Galaxy Note 3 and the smartwatch Samsung has been working on for some time (which some say will be called the Galaxy Gear).

Galaxy Note IIGalaxy Note II

We already knew the the Galaxy Note 3 will launch on September 4, but it's good to hear another confirmation. The Galaxy Gear, according to Young-hee, will not feature a flexible OLED display (which isn't surprising as Samsung will only start producing the panels in November and in limited capacity).

Samsung flexible watch patentSamsung flexible watch patent

We still do not know what kind of displays will be used for both devices. The Gear will probably use a small rigid display, maybe a small 2" or so PMOLED.

In past months we had several reports and rumors with information on the Note 3 display. Some say it will have a plastic-based flexible OLED while others claim it will have an LCD display. Some reports suggest that Samsung will actually release several Note 3 variants with different displays. The latest rumors say it wil have a 5.69" rigid display. And a 4K-capable camera to boot.

We only have one week to wait, and my own estimate is that it will have a 6-inch "regular" Super AMOLED display.

Atomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processesAtomic Force Microscopy for next-gen OLED processes