Is Samsung Display supplying flexible OLEDs to Chinese phone makers?

According to a leaked image on Weibo, Vivo's upcoming XPlay5 phone has a dual-edge display, similar to the flexible OLED displays used in Samsung's Edge phones (such as the recently announced Galaxy S7 Edge).

Vivo XPlay5 - Weibo leak photo

According to the Chinese press, Xiaomi and Huawei also aim to release new phones soon with similar edge displays. This is an interesting development as usually Samsung Display only ships the newest displays to Samsung Electronics - and in any case SDC's flexible OLED production is in rather short supply as it is.

Note that the Blackberry Priv, announced in October 2015, also has a flexible edge OLED display. Blackberry's Android device is not shipping yet, but it has been on display at the MWC tradeshow.

Samsung Display is expanding its customer base following the slump in Samsung's own mobile phone business.

Posted: Feb 29,2016 by Ron Mertens


Reading all these phone releases from the MWC it seems from a hardware point of view that there's not much differntiation between all the models. So maybe SDC might get some good prices from the Chinese.

Hopefully this is also a hint that Samsung itself will soon release something more impressive than the curved edge and therefore can afford selling that displays to the Chinese...