Samsung Display shows new foldable and rollable device prototypes

Samsung Display showed new foldable and rollable OLED device prototypes at CES 2022, using the new Flex branding it launched in November 2021.

So first up with have the Flex Slidable, which is a smartphone type device that opens up to a wider display. The second display is the Flex S which is a foldable device that folds twice, once inwardly and once outwardly, in an "S" shape.

The final device is the Flex G, which is also a flexible AMOLED that folds twice, but this time both folds are inwards to create an "G" like shape.

Samsung also showed other devices not shown in the video, including the Flex Note which is a 17.3-inch OLED that can fold into a 13-inch display.

Posted: Jan 09,2022 by Ron Mertens