As rumored two weeks ago, Samsung Display (SDC) decided to split its LCD and OLED business unit. SDC was formed in 2012 as a merger between Samsung Mobile Display and S-LCD, in an attempt to streamline operations, and this new split undoes that 2012 union. We still do not know the names of the new divisions.

It is reported that this move aims to reshape the sales and marketing strategies, as each unit have a different focus - the LCD one is mostly selling to TVs, monitors and tablets while OLEDs target mobile phones. But we know that SDC also sells OLEDs to tablets and some reports suggest that Samsung will soon re-enter the OLED TV market (OLED monitors and laptops aren't here yet, sadly).

Earlier reports suggested that following SDC's tough 2014 and low operating profit, executives are "blaming" its LCD business of "pulling down the entire earnings" while OLEDs are highly profitable.

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