Samsung Display to reduce its foldable OLED panel cost by using OCR adhesive technology

The Elec reports that Samsung Display is currently using a transparent tape (OCA) to attach the OLED panel to the cover glass, in its foldable OLED production process. The company has decided to switch to liquid transparent adhesive (OCR) in order to reduce production costs.

Samsung Electronics foldable smartphones (2021 photo)

The cover glass lamination is performed at Samsung's module factory, in Vietnam. The company will make the necessary investments in the plant to enable it to use OCR technology.

Using an adhesive tape (OCA), is both time-consuming (as the tapes are used one-by-one) and relatively expensive. Samsung Display is currently ordering around 200 billion Won (around $150 million) worth of OCA tapes annually, from Samsung SDI. OCR, on the other hand, is deposited directly on the panel, using an inkjet printing method. According to the report, Samsung ordered OCR printing equipment from STI, for testing (not for full production yet).

Posted: Jun 22,2022 by Ron Mertens