According to Business Korea, Samsung Display decided to double the capacity of its A3 flexible OLED line. The company recently placed orders of 400 billion Won (around $325 million) for new equipment with 10 different vendors.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at MWC photo

The A3 line currently produces 15,000 monthly substrates (Gen-6) and when the new equipment arrives the capacity will double to 30,000 monthly substrates. Samsung hopes the new capacity will be ready by early 2017.

Samsung is currently producing around 9 million flexible OLEDs each month to satisfy demand for the Galaxy S7 edge and its other flexible OLED products (such as the Galaxy S6 edge+ and several wearables). Samsung Display is also supplying flexible OLEDs to other companies, and of course there are many reports that Apple wants to use a flexible OLED in future iPhones, so Samsung is getting ready...

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