Samsung developed a new method to make 65" AMOLED panels from Gen-5.5 substrates

There are reports that Samsung developed a new technology that allows them to create larger AMOLED panels from their existing 5.5-Gen (1,300x1,500mm) production lines. Up until now Samsung had to cut the substrate to at least 3 parts and so the largest panel was 32". Now the company can make one 65" panel from each substrate - to make 65" OLED TV panels. This new technology will be implemented in Samsung's second 5.5-Gen line (scheduled for 2012).

Production of AMOLED panels at Samsung (photo)

Samsung's first 5.5-Gen line (A2 in Tangjeong) is scheduled to start producing AMOLEDs in 2Q 2011. This line will be used only for small panels (for mobile phones, cameras, etc.). The second line (A3, also in Tangjeong) is scheduled for 2012 and using the new technology this line can be used to make large panels - up to 65".

It's still not clear whether Samsung will actually produce such large panels - they'd still be very expensive. Samsung also has plans to build a Gen-8 pilot line, but this will probably only happen in 2013. The company indicated that the Gen-8 line will be used to make 55" panels, but with the new technology, it can probably also make larger ones.

Posted: Feb 09,2011 by Ron Mertens