Samsung developed touch transparent AMOLEDs

Update: This is not an AMOLED, but an LCD. Thanks for all the readers who commented!

Samsung has developed a touch-enabled transparent AMOLEDs, and has a very nice demo showing it off. Sadly we do not have any technical details about this display, or when Samsung expects to commercialize it...

Back in February, we learned that Samsung is strongly into transparent AMOLEDs, and want to introduce several new products that use this technology. Here's another great use of transparent OLEDs in a wine point-of-sale or museum or information center.

Posted: Sep 09,2010 by Ron Mertens


This is not OLED. It's a transparent LCD that uses the chamber's light as backlight.

Great, now Samsung finally invented the black OLED pixel...

But serious, this is of course LCD and not OLED. OLED is based on light emission, so switching from transparent to black is not possible.

This is definitely no transparent OLED. Its a transparent LCD showed at SID-2010.

I agree with the previous commenters. I'm an engineer at MIT and have done quite a bit of work with organic semiconductors including OLEDs. OLED displays are an emissive type of display whereas LCDs rely on polarization to block light--this is the only way to get black in a transparent display as is done here. Black in an OLED display is a non-emissive state and you are only seeing a black backing behind the panel.