Samsung developed a new 5.2" glasses-free 3D AMOLED panel for mobile applications. Samsung uses a six-subpixel structured white OLED with color filters. The 3D is achieved using fixed parallax barriers and the AMOLED panel features only about 5% crosstalk and is only 1mm thick.

Samsung will present this new panel at SID 2011 (May 15-21). There will be a lot of other OLED presentations and new devices shown at SID.



5.2 inches is too big to be used on phones.

The next PSP is 5in, so could this be for sony, or even an unannounced microsoft product? Currently tablets all are over 7 inches in screen size, and no cell phone will ever have a 5in screen. So, too big for phones, and too small to be a tablet screen. That leaves UMPC's, GPS units, and portable gaming units as practical receivers for a 5.2 inch screen.

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