Update: Samsung's current fab is actually a Gen 4 one, and not a Gen 3.5 like we reported earlier. The LTPS portion is a full Gen 4 (730x920). The VTE portion is actually ½ Gen 4, 730x460, but the equipment capacity is balanced to the Gen 4. Thanks Barry!

Samsung LogoSamsung has apparently committed the investment needed for a new Gen 5.5 (1300X1500mm) OLED plant. They will start installing equipment in 3Q 2010, and the plant will go online in full capacity in January 2011. According to the article, they still plan to make small OLEDs for mobile devices in the new plant, but we wonder whether this one will be used for larger panels, like those required by Apple's upcoming 2nd-Gen iPad?

Samsung are currently fulfilling 80% of the OLED orders they have, and they are using a Gen 4 plant (they recently increased the capacity of that plant).

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