LG Display and Samsung are showing several OLED panels at SID - but unfortunately no new panels or developments. LGD is showing both its OLED TVs and its flexible OLEDs, and they received the Gold Award for Display Application of the Year for its flexible plastic OLED panel (used in the LG G Flex) and the Silver Award for Display of the Year for the world’s first curved OLED TV panel. LG's 77" UHD Curved OLED TV won the best-in-show award.

Samsung is also showing OLED displays - but no OLED TV panels. Only small (up to 5.7") display. I actually expected SDC to show their upcoming 8.4" and 10.5" AMOLED panels (that are reportedly adopted in Samsung's upcoming tablets). Maybe the company doesn't want to unveil these yet. SDC does show their two flexible AMOLEDs, the 5.7" (as used in the Galaxy Round) and the 1.84" one (as used in the Gear Fit). The 5.7" display won the Gold Award for Display of The year.

LG says that this is one of the few times that a display company won top awards in more than one category - and all those awards sure show how OLED is advancing and becoming the leading display technology available today - for both TV panels and mobile and flexible displays.

It's a shame that Samsung is not showing their OLED TV panels at this conference. The company is currently focusing its OLED efforts on large panels for tablets and flexible panels.