Samsung and LG end all legal disputes, will Samsung now be able to license WRGB tech?

Samsung and LG agreed to stop the ongoing legal disputes between LG Display and Samsung Display - thus ending a very long court battle that involved technology theft accusation, stolen TVs and even broken washing machines. The two companies ended all current disputes, and agreed to not take new legal actions - and try and settle all issues through dialog.

In past years we've heard of several lawsuits launched by both sides and even accusations of stolen prototype TVs. In 2013 two two Korean arch-rival agreed to resolve their OLED dispute and they even considered cross-licensing patents and dropped all OLED lawsuits against each other, but settlement negotiation failed. Maybe this time they will finally make peace.

This news is truly interesting - especially when we consider yesterday's report that Samsung decided to go back into the OLED TV market, with LG's patented WRGB architecture. Perhaps Samsung's wish to adopt LG's technology in their future OLED TVs is what drove them to finally make peace with LG. This is pure speculation at this stage.

Posted: Mar 31,2015 by Ron Mertens