Samsung Display and LG Display had been fighting over display patents for a long time - with lawsuits launched by both sides and even accusations of stolen prototype TVs. In 2013 two two Korean arch-rivals agreed to resolve their OLED dispute and they even considered cross-licensing patents and dropped all OLED lawsuits against each other. But settlement negotiation failed, and it seems that the OLED wars are far from over.

LG 55EA9800 OLED TV front photo 2

Now we hear that the Suwon District Public Prosecutor's Office indicted five Samsung Display officials - for violation of the unfair competition prevention and trade secret protection act. LGD says that Samsung employees obtained OLED secrets on the pretext of purchasing equipment.

But LG Display is not innocent either - in 2012 SDC claimed that six LGD officials stole OLED secrets. Five of those employees were acquitted - but one was found guilty of obtaining related information and was fined.



"Found Guilty"?

Your headline is false,  they have been charged, but not yet convicted.

Never Tested an Oled Monitor

Sony has some oled monitors. I wonder how is the expiriance of working with such one..

If I found out it suites me I might put the money for it..

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