Update: CNet now reports that Samsung said this was incorrect - and the release date is set for the second half of 2012. Oh well...

CNet reports that Samsung told them that they can expect the 55" Super OLED TV (The KN55ES9000) to be launched in the UK around the Spring of 2012. That means around March or April 2012, which is actually good news (at CES Samsung said that the TV will launch in Q2 or Q2 2012).

We'll probably have to wait for the actual launch to hear the price in the UK. In any case, Samsung's TV has a 55" Direct Emission OLED panel that supports active-shutter 3D and Samsung's Smart TV and Smart-Interaction technologies. It includes a camera can can be controlled via a remote control, voice control, motion control and face recognition.



Oled TV

I hope these TVs hit soon the picture quality is just amazing. Oled is the way to go espically LGs white Oled that is much better than the color shifted RGB Oled with the huge blue subpixel.

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