Yesterday we published a story about a video of Samsung's 23" OLED monitor by First Look Review... A recent comment on our post claimed this is a fake (thanks Nuninho1980!)...

And I believe that indeed this is true. This is not an OLED monitor, but a regular one, probably the P2370L. Let me tell you why:

  • You can see in the video that the monitor looks like a product ready to ship. It does not look like a prototype ready for 2010 - it even got the energy-star sticker on. Compare this to previous prototypes by Samsung, Sony or LG.
  • Usually when companies show an OLED prototype, it's a big thing... but here Samsung has a good looking product but with no PR? Just one video by First Look Review? Unlikely...
  • I'm not sure they would have let that girl pick up a new OLED prototype that should be out by 2 years... it'll be extremely expensive and probably fragile.
  • The video says that the OLED monitor has a contrast of 2,000,000:1 and is 1.6cm thick. Exactly the same as the P2370L!
  • In fact 1.6cm is not so exciting for an OLED. The XEL-1 is 3mm thick for example, and Sony's new 21" prototype is 1.4mm thick.
  • When viewed from the side, the Samsung monitor doesn't look so good. OLEDs have a much better viewing angle. See the next photos to see how it compares to LG's OLED:

    Samsung 23'' prototype photo from the side

So I don't know if this is an honest mistake by First Look Reviews (thinking that LED means OLED), or not, but it any case - I'm quite certain that this monitor ain't OLED...

UPDATE: TechRadar reports that they got word from Samsung saying that indeed this is the P2370L, and that the error originated from Samsung's own communication. So this is it... we're still waiting for a large OLED product from Samsung.



I must see I was fooled at

I must see I was fooled at first, but also skeptic because there was no promotion around it at all.

This site is not called

This site is not called First look Reviews, its megawhat tv which basically pocket-lint, First Look Reviews is just the name for pocket-lint video reviews

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