After SamMobile mishap with the GS4-LCD-rumor, I didn't think I'll post on yet another of their rumors, but as always happens, many web sites picked up their latest one so I'm going to post as well. This time the blog reports that Samsung is working on a high-end tablet device (that will be called the Galaxy Tab 3 Plus). This tablet will feature a large (10.1" or 11.6", apparently Samsung did not decide yet) Full-HD Super AMOLED display.

SamMobile says that they want to go with a Super AMOLED because many Galaxy Tab 7.7 users still believe it's the best tablet on the market because of the display. They say the company hopes to unveil the new tablet at the IFA 2013 exhibition (September 23), together with the Note 3.

I think this isn't likely. Samsung's current production capacity will be pretty much taken by the GS4 and the Note 3 (if it'll use an AMOLED). Last month we reported that Samsung is considering to invest in a 6.5-Gen (1500x1800 mm) AMOLED fab to produce tablet and laptop OLED displays. I do not think they have decided on this fab yet, and even if they did, they probably won't be ready to start producing such large AMOLEDs by the end of 2013 in this new fab.

Obviously I'd be happy to see another tablet with an even larger AMOLED display, but I don't think this is likely, unless Samsung only plans to sell a very small number of such tablets like they did with the Tab 7.7.

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