SamMobile: Samsung is developing a dual-screen (possible foldable) smartphone

SamMobile reports that Samsung launched a new 'secret' project code-named Project Valley (or Project V) that is a dual-screen device, probably a foldable phone.

Foldable OLED concept (2013)Foldable OLED concept (2013)

We've seen some false reports from SamMobile before, but we've also seen some accurate ones. This one actually makes sense, and isn't really a surprise - Samsung has been promising a foldable phone towards the end of 2015 for almost two years now. Following the success of the GS6 Edge, it's highly likely that Samsung is developing mobile devices with even more innovative designs.

A foldable phone that opens up into a tablet may be a very useful device that may shake-up the entire mobile market, as it will truly converge two popular devices (phones and tablets) into a single device.

Posted: May 31,2015 by Ron Mertens