Rumors are starting to circulate regarding Apple's next phone, and of course, as always, some of the rumors suggest an OLED display. With Apple finally adopting an OLED display for the Watch product, will they really use an OLED display in the next iPhone?

So first of all, the current rumors say that Apple approached Foxconn with a request to develop OLED technologies so it will be ready to mass produce them for the iPhone 7. It is reported that Apple aims to use a 5-inch 400 PPI panel, and some suggest that Apple is interested to use a flexible OLED display in a curved design.

The next iPhone will probably be announced in 2015, but this may not be the iPhone 7 but rather the iPhone 6S. So the next real version release is scheduled for 2016.

According to my own information, Foxconn is not only developing OLED technologies, it is indeed also developing flexible OLEDs. Will they be ready with a production line with enough capacity for Apple in 2016? I find that a bit hard to believe. Apple will require a huge capacity for an iPhone 7, and it is not easy to achieve that kind of production within a year or a little more. Of course Apple may choose several suppliers (SDC and Foxconn perhaps) which makes more sense.