A few days ago we posted that Taiwan's RiTDisplay, one of the world's leading PMOLED makers, is seeing strong demand for its OLED displays, expanding its production by 20% and filing for an IPO in Taiwan.

Following that story, Digitimes now posts a story on RiTDisplay, quoting its president that says that PMOLED panels are replacing STN-LCD panels in small sizes - even though PMOLEDs are more expensive (by about 50%) than LCDs.

RiTDisplay has a 2-Gen (370 x 470 mm) PMOLED fab with a capacity of 15,000 monthly substrates. According to Digitimes, the fab is running at 90% of the capacity, mostly producing small (below 2-inch) displays. Smart wearable devices and home-use devices each account for 30% of consolidated revenues, and the rest of the production goes for communication, medical care, industrial control, automotive displays, military purposes and lighting. RiT's 10 largest clients together take up about 80% of consolidated revenues.

In 2015 RiTDisplay shipped nearly 85 million panels, grabbing a 25% market share, and generating $50.3 million in revenues. The 20% capacity increase in 2016-2017 will come from more efficient production ("deleting bottlenecks") - not from new equipment.

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