RiTDisplay is a Taiwanese company, manufacturing PMOLED panels. RiT has been spun-off from Ritek, that still holds a majority stake. RiTDisplay is one of the world's largest PMOLED makers.

RiTDisplay went public in 2016, following a strong rise in PMOLED demand. The company is trading in the Taipei Stock Exchange (8104:TT)

In June 2011 it was reported that RiTDisplay is collaborating with IGNIS on AMOLED panel production on a-Si backplanes. That project never took off, though. The company is now developing flexible PMOLEDs.

In 2019 RiT signed a strategic partnership with PlayNitride and aims to start developing and producing MicroLED displays.

Company Address: 
No. 12, Kuanfu N. Road
Hsin Chu HSQ 30351

The latest RiT Display news:

RiTdisplay to top OLED market in 1Q05

RiTdisplay is expected to overtake Samsung Electronics to become the top OLED supplier worldwide this quarter, while another Taiwan-based company, Univision Technology, will also edge up to take the third position, according to DisplaySearch.
In January, surging demand for MP3 players helped RiTdisplay record revenues of NT$161 million, up 16% sequentially. However, despite the company seeing its revenues fall 29% to NT$114 million in February, DisplaySearch still expects RiTdisplay to top all vendors in OLED shipments this quarter.
Univision has also benefited from strong demand in the MP3 player segment. The company had record revenues of NT$74 million in January and posted even better results in February.

OLED for MP3 players a large market for both RiTDisplay and Univision

There are reports that PMOLED panels used in MP3 players will account to more than 30% of RiTDisplay's shipments in 2005. MP3 players panels will amount to about 50% of Univision's sales. This is a large jump from the situation in 2004 where MP3 players panels represent only 3.8% of the market (and mobile phones accounting to 88%).

Univision also plans to start offering 65K-color PMOLED panels for mobile phone external displays later this month.

RiTdisplay and Univision PMOLED sales drop

Both RiTDisplay and Univision reported their financial results for Q3 2004, and both companies report a drop in PMOLED shipments and sales.

RiTDisplay sales dropped 37% (compared to Q3 2003) to NT$379 million, due to excessive handset inventory in China. Univision's sales dropped 28% to NT$80 million, mainly due to declining shipments caused by a tight supply of OLED driver ICs.

Taiwan AM OLED makers not competitive with Japan and Korea makers

Digitimes says that Japanese OLED makers (such as SK Displays, TM Display and Hitachi) have already begain mass production of AMOLED displays, while Taiwanese companies are postponing their schedules and will not start volume production until 2005.

There are 15 AMOLED production line planned in Taiwan, Japan and Korea for 2005 according to Digitimes. Nine of these lines belong to Japanese makers. In Taiwan, the leading player seems to be RiTDisplay. The company have been showing AMOLED samples in June 2004 but they will not start mass production in 2004 as originally planned - they postponed it to 1Q 2005 due to low yields.

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