RiTDisplay is a Taiwanese company, manufacturing PMOLED panels. RiT has been spun-off from Ritek, that still holds a majority stake. RiTDisplay is one of the world's largest PMOLED makers.

RiTDisplay went public in 2016, following a strong rise in PMOLED demand. The company is trading in the Taipei Stock Exchange (8104:TT)

In June 2011 it was reported that RiTDisplay is collaborating with IGNIS on AMOLED panel production on a-Si backplanes. That project never took off, though. The company is now developing flexible PMOLEDs.

In 2019 RiT signed a strategic partnership with PlayNitride and aims to start developing and producing MicroLED displays.

Company Address: 
No. 12, Kuanfu N. Road
Hsin Chu HSQ 30351

The latest RiT Display news:

IGNIS working on two OLED TV designs, targeted for mass production in 2012

Canada's Ignis Innovation posted new job openings for their OLED TV development group, and in the job description they mention that the group is "currently working on two AMOLED television designs, targeted for mass production in 2012".

3.5-inch a-Si AMOLED prototype

IGNIS developed a-Si based AMOLEDs and reportedly RiTdisplay is starting to mass produce AMOLEDs based on this design - but these are 3.5" (320x480) panels - it seems unlikely that they'll be able to scale up to OLED TV size in such a short time frame. But it's also unlikely that either Samsung or LG Display are using Ignis technology in their upcoming OLED TVs (which use LTPS and Oxide-TFT, not a-Si).

RiTDisplay starts to mass produce AMOLED displays on a-Si backplanes

There are reports that RiTdisplay started to mass produce 3.5" 320x480 AMOLEDs on a-Si backplanes, and the company was already contracted to provide the displays to several smartphone makers. a-Si backplane AMOLEDs will be cheaper and easier to produce than LTPS ones (which is the most common technology for AMOLEDs and next-gen LCDs such as Apple's Retina displays) as they can use existing a-Si equipment used to fabricate LCD displays.

Canada's Ignis Innovation provided the compensation technology and driver IC (which is made by Himax). These are the same panels unveiled at SID last month. The actual backplane was developed with an undisclosed display-panel maker partner in Taiwan.

IGNIS shows a 3.5" AMOLED made on a-Si with AdMo compensation technology

Update: we learned that RiTDisplay have started to mass produce those AMOLEDs and have already found some smartphone clients.

IGNIS Innovation, unveiled a new 3.47" 320x480 AMOLED made on an amorphous silicon backplane (a-Si). The new display uses INGIS' new AdMo compensation technology and is made by RiTdisplay.

Today all AMOLEDs are made on LTPS backplanes. Ignis' solution uses a-Si which is cheaper but has stability issues. Ignis says that their new AdMo technology eliminates those issues - and makes the a-Si made AMOLED equivalent in performance to LTPS AMOLEDs. Ignis says that "This opens the door for RiTdisplay and other manufacturers to make state-of-the-art AMOLED displays using existing amorphous silicon equipment" - but they haven't announced when and if RiTDisplay (or other companies) plan to start using the technology.

DisplaySearch: OLED revenues reached $826 million in 2009

DisplaySearch released a new Quarterly OLED Shipment and Forecast Report in which they say that OLED revenue was $826 million in 2009 - a record year. AMOLED revenue was $537 million, and PMOLED revenue was $291 (lower than 2008, mostly because mobile phone design is moving away from clamshell phones).

Samsung Mobile Display is still the biggest OLED maker, with $566 million in revenues. Samsung is followed by RiTdisplay ($106 million), Pioneer ($60 million), TDK and Visionox ($15 million).

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OLED shipments rise sharply in Q3 2009, revenue over $250 million

DisplaySerach has released their latest Quarterly OLED Shipment and Forecast Report. They say that OLED revenues have reached $252 million in Q3 2009, up 31% Q/Q. OLED shipments were 21.7 million (up 19% Q/Q). Demand was driven by high-end mobile phones.

DisplaySearch quarterly shipments and revenue Q3 2009 graphQuarterly shipments and revenue

Samsung Mobile Displays continues to be the market leader - in face they have a 73% market share (in revenues). RiTdisplay is second with a 12% share. 

PMOLED shipments did not grow from 2008 to 2009. In face, mobile-phones shipments decreased (there is a shift from clam-shell style phones with external PMOLEDs to smart-phones), but PMOLED for automotive applications is increasing, with Mercedes Benz and Lexus adopting PMOLEDs. PMOLED shipments in Q3 2009 has reached 427,000.

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DisplaySearch releases new OLED shipment and forecast report

DisplaySearch has released a new version of their quarterly 'OLED Shipment and Forecast report'. They say that world-wide OLED revenue has reached 192M$ in Q2 2009, which is a new record (up 32% from last quarter, and 22% from the same quarter last year).

Other findings and forecasts:

  • Samsung Mobile Displays has a 38% market share. Second is RiTDisplay.
  • PMOLED shipments were the same as last quarter.
  • There will be about 20 new (or upgraded) AMOLED production lines installed (or upgraded) within the next 3 years.
  • AMOLED will enter medium and large-size applications soon. Notebooks will start in mid-2010 and netbooks will follow. 20"-29" OLED TVs will enter the market by the end of 2010. 30" TVs are expected in the end of 2011.
OLED display forecast by DisplaySearch, Sep 2009

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DisplaySearch: OLED revenue to grow to 7B$ in 2016, we might see new OLED TVs by Sony, Samsung and LG in 2009

DisplaySearch has released a new edition of their Quarterly OLED Shipment and Forecast report.

The report says that:

  • OLED display revenue will grow to 7.1B$ by 2016.
  • AMOLED has passed PMOLEDs in Q1 2009
  • Samsung Mobile Displays still #1 in OLED shipments, with a 37% market share. RiTdisplay is #2.
  • Worldwide OLED display revenue in Q1'09 was $143 million, down 8% Q/Q. AMOLED revenues were up 17% Q/Q.
Displaysearch OLED display forecast July 2009 image

According to the report, several manufacturers are planning OLED TV panels in 2009. LG will debut their 15" AMOLED TV by the end of the year. DisplaySearch estimate that it's likely (they give it 70%) that Sony will release their 27" OLED TV this year. It's a bit uncertain because of Sony's financial situation.

Samsung might (DisplaySearch gives it 40% chance) release their 14.1" OLED TV - but there's no announcement yet.

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RiTdisplay got orders for 35 million PMOLEDs

Taiwanese market research institute Topology Research Institute (TRI) says that RiTdisplay got orders for 35 million PMOLED, 30 million of which shall be delivered this year. This makes RiTdisplay the largest PMOLED maker. RiTdisplay's PMOLEDs are up to 1.98" currently, although they are working on 3.1" ones.

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