Researchers from Shenzhen University designed efficient selenium-integrated TADF OLED emitters

Researchers from China's Shenzhen University are working towards efficient selenium-integrated TADF OLED emitters.

The researchers latest work detailed the structure-activity relationship between heavy atom effects and multiple resonance TADF performance. The researchers say that their new emitters effectively solve some of the issues inherent in TADF emission technology, specifically the sharp drop in emission at high brightness, what is called the emission roll-off.

The researchers report that their new emitters achieved an EQE of 34% at a brightness of 1,000 nits, and even at 10,000 nits the EQE is still high at 21.9%, comparable to PHOLED devices. The researchers also developed multi-resonance TADF emitters that achieved an EQE of 40.5% at low brightness levels.

Posted: Oct 28,2022 by Ron Mertens