Researchers developed promising N-doped PAH OLED emitters

Researchers from the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) and from the Silesian University of Technology have developed new OLED emitter materials based on aromatic electron-donating and -accepting moieties bridged by an antiaromatic seven-membered ring.

The researchers say that the new design of its N-doped PAHs is very flexible, and their properties are very responsive to the choice of the electron-accepting group. The researchers can thus can tune the emission mechanism between TADF emission and room temperature phosphorescence (RTP) emission, which gives high degree of control over the emission profile.

The researchers synthesized N-doped PAHs emitters, and fabricated prototype OLEDs devices. The best performing materials achieved an EQE of 12%.

Posted: Jun 23,2022 by Ron Mertens