Researchers develop new OLED structure that enables directional and polarized emission

Scientists from North Carolina State University and the University of Texas have developed and demonstrated a new approach for designing photonic devices. The new method enabled the team to control the direction and polarization of light from thin-film LEDs, overcoming the widely known obstacles of beam shaping that arise from their Lambertian nature. Such LEDs with directional and polarized light emission could be useful for many photonic applications.

A new approach for designing photonic devices with directional light emission image

The researchers demonstrated that this approach could be used to emit directional and polarized light from an OLED devices without external optical elements.

The same structure can also be used for perovskite LED, and in fact the researchers demonstrated both an OLED and a PeLED device that adopt this new structure. By selectively diffracting the transverse electric (TE) waveguide mode while suppressing other optical modes in a nanostructured LED, the authors demonstrated highly directional light emission.

Posted: Feb 04,2021 by Ron Mertens