In January 2019 Xiaomi unveiled a video of its new prototype smartphone that uses a tri-foldable OLED display. According to a new report from China, Xiaomi plans to ship the device sometimes between April and June - with a price tag of $999.99.

If this is true, that's half the price of Samsung's Galaxy Fold (which will cost $1,980 in the US) and less than half of Huawei's Mate X (which will reportedly cost $2,600).

We do not know the specification yet, of course, of Xiaomi's foldable device (which may be called Mi Flex or Mi Fold) - although the new reports says that it will be a high end device (Snapdragon 855 Chipset, 10GB of RAM). Of course the most interesting feature will be the display size and folding type. We'll have to wait for more information on the foldable OLED chosen by Xiaomi. According to earlier reports, it will be produced by Visionox.

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