Update: There are reports that the Razer doesn't really use OLED keys. The keyboard is actually a touch LCD (one 7" LCD) with transparent keys on top. Clever design!

Razer has a nice small laptop on display at CES, with an OLED keyboard. The idea is similar to Art Lebedev's OLED Optimus (which interestingly is still available for $2400) - each key is a small OLED:



Sure it's OLED??

Are you guys sure Razer uses an OLED keyboard??

I didn't see Razer tell this themselves and several sources indicate that the Switchblade actually uses a large touch LCD display which is overlaid with transparant keyboard buttons

This is a very clever and elegant solution which technically is much more feasible than using a separate display for each key.

I think there is some confusion with the Optimus keyboard which indeed uses tiny OLEDs. The Optimus' price and availability is indicative of the technical challenge to use and drive separate small OLEDs.

So can you please confirm the Switchblade is using OLEDs?

Actually I'm not sure. I read

Actually I'm not sure. I read different reports... and it seems that you're right - it's not really an OLED but a touch LCD with transparent buttons on top (clever design!).