RAPT Touch to host an open webinar to detail the world's first touch solution designed for OLED displays

Ireland-based RAPT will host a free online webinar on November 29, to explain the company's OLED touch technology and its future potential. You can subscribe to the webinar here.

RAPT Touch FLIR on tablet image

RAPT developed a novel touch technology, frustrated total internal reflection (“FTIR”) that is specifically designed for self-emissive displays such as OLED displays and overcomes the major challenges that OLED displays poses for traditional touch technologies.

FTIR is based on low-cost LEDs that create an optical mesh of infrared light signals, read by photodetectors. The LEDs and the photodetectors are placed on the edge of the OLED display. The performance is not affected by capacitive coupling or display pattern noise, and can be used on any screen size. FTIR offers higher performance, low cost and high compatibility with OLED displays.

RAPT's webinar will include the following topics (in addition to an open Q&A session :

OLED Displays - the fundamental problem with traditional touch solutions
What is FTIR and how does it work?
What features does an FTIR solution provide?
What components make for a successful optical touch solution?
What is the future potential of optical touch solutions?

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Posted: Nov 21,2022 by Ron Mertens