QD Vision announced that they raised $20 million that will be used to ramp up Quantum-Dots film production capacity. This latest round of financing includes support from all existing investors. QD Vision's Color-IQ product (QD film that enhances LCD's color gamut) is used in Sony's Triluminos LED-backlit LCD TVs and in some of their digital cameras LCD displays as well.

QD Vision says that their Color IQ film can enhance an LCD film color performance by up to 50%, and help it reach 100% of the NTSC standard. I interviewed QDVision's CTO and co-founder back in 2009 - and this still gives a good introduction to Quantum Dots.

Another company that develops QD Films for LCD panels is Nanosys - which recently raised $15 million to increase production capacity for thier QDEF film. Nanosys' technology is a stand-alone film that can be inserted into LCDs, while QD Vision's technology is more integrated into the LCD production process. I visited both companies' booths at SID 2012.

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