Polymertronics (a UK based company that offers customized experimentation OLED systems) announced their new flexible OLED science kit. These kits provide everything you need to make a working flexible OLED device and experiment with the chemistry, physical structure and the electronic parameters.

Polymertronics are now offering OLED-Info readers a £20 discount (that's about $32US) off their regular price of £290 - for both the flexible and the rigid (glass) spin-coated OLED science kits (and yes, they ship worldwide). To claim the discount simply mention OLED-Info when you place your order. And hurry up, this offer expires on the 15th of March!

If you get this cool OLED kit, you'll be able to:

  • Make a working OLED device in under two hours, with no special equipment necessary and without an ultra-clean environment.
  • Alter the OLED's chemistry and experiment with the device structure
  • Demonstrate the properties of the individual layers in the OLED device
  • Evaluate the control electronics
  • Compare the OLED to an equivalent-color LED
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