US-based Polyera was established in 2005 to develop OTFT-based flexible display backplanes - suitable for OLEDs and E Ink displays. The company already demonstrated a flexible OLED based on their backplanes, and now they announced their first product, the Wove Band smartband device.

Polyera Wove Band photo

We do not have any technical details, but this looks to be an interesting device, and hopefully they will follow-up with a similar OLED-based device. Polyera will start shipping samples in December to developers and artists, and the commercial launch is planned for mid-2016.



Organic light emitting products OLEPs

I am delighted to see the announcement here in

Polyera corp. has been working on OTFTs and OLETs for some time now.

This WOVE product is just the tip of the iceberg - more will come and it

will impress.

Thanks Dennis, it'll be great

Thanks Dennis, it'll be great to see OLED devices from Polyera in the future!




Polyera is in these two areas OLETs and primarily in OTFTs, which as

backplanes may end up in OLEDs but the teams' wares speak to next generation OLEPs

the meta category of Organic light emitting products.

I hope to have one of these Woves on my wrist soon!