Plextronics and the Holst Centre to partner on flexible OLED lighting research

Plextronics and the Holst Centre are going to partner on research towards flexible OLED lighting, with an aim to improve the scaling of lab device performance to large area OLED lighting and signage devices.

Plextronics will provide its Plexcore hole injection and hole transport inks to the Holst Center shared research program. Those inks will be used to create functional OLED demonstrators. Plextronics will benefit from the research result - and will be able to further optimize their products.

The Holst Centre's flexible OLED program is quite active. Just a few months ago they have unveiled (together with Solvay) a bendable 69 cm2 OLED panel that features 30 lm/W efficiency, shown below:

Plextonics has recently received a $4 million investment from UDC. We have interviewed the company's CEO back in 2011.

Posted: Aug 29,2012 by Ron Mertens