Plastic Logic shows a 4" 360x128 fully-organic flexible OTFT AMOLED prototype

Back in February, Plastic Logic and Novaled (owned by Samsung) announced that throughout 2014 they will demonstrate truly flexible, plastic, full-organic AMOLED displays. The first demo in February was of a monochrome (red) display - and actually it was only shown on a presentation slide. But Plastic Logic promised us that they will show better prototypes as the year progresses.

Plastic Logic 4'' flexible OTFT AMOLED prototype photo

True to their word, last week, at the Printed Electronics Europe event, plastic logic showed a monochrome 4" 360x128 (95 PPI) flexible AMOLED prototype. This time it was a real demo, as you can see from the photo above. This full-organic AMOLED panel uses Plastic Logic's flexible OTFT backplane and the whole panel can be bent and rolled and still show the image.

Plastic Logic chose an unusual 3:1 aspect ratio - with the idea being that this is useful for smart watches. The company says their technology is especially suited for wearable devices. Last month we posted an article explaining Plastic Logic's technology and their OLED plans for the future.

Posted: Apr 11,2014 by Ron Mertens